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fly on wallspcr - Entomological supplies - My website devoted to the study of bird blow flies.

BOLD Systems - Database for barcodes, has numerous barcodes for blow flies.

Bug Dorm Store –Entomological supplies News - newsletter about Diptera

Entomological Society of America - A software program to increase depth of field in microscope photography.

North American Dipterists Society

The North America Forensic Entomology Association - entomological supplies - Insect traps and cages

Systema Dipterorum - This goes to Systema Dipterorum also called the Biosystematic database of world Diptera. Users can determine valid fly species names.

United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service - USDA website with good information on collecting and studying insects.

Whitworth Pest Solutions - The website for my company.

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